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How To Determine That The Vape Juice Has Expired?

Sometimes it may happen that you reach out for your bottle of e-liquid and find its expiry date to be near. This can be really frustrating if you do not have a new one already at your place. However, if you have a bottle that’s about to expire, you can taste it to know whether is still good to be used or not. If the taste changes, you should not use it. In addition, the ones that change the color are also not safe to use.

The shelf life of vape juice

We are aware that foods have an expiration date. This expiration date is a sign that the food would no longer remain in the same quality as before and it would be harmful to consume it after the expiration date. It is the same with the vaping liquid. Though there is nothing like expiration for e-liquids but it is suggested not to use them after 2 years of manufacturing.

It is due to the fact that the liquid contains nicotine, VG, and PG. If these components are stored in proper condition, they have a lifetime of about 2 years. If these components are left in direct exposure to sunlight or extreme heat, they may get damaged before time. To know more about the expiration of vape juice, you can click here.

How to know if the vaping juice has expired?

When you happen to notice that the date of expiry of your vaping juice is near, you might check upon its condition. You will need to take certain factors into account to know whether the liquid is expired or not like.

Changed color

When the e-liquid expires, there is a noticeable change in the color. Whenever nicotine comes in contact with oxygen molecules of air, it changes its color and turns to a darker shade of yellow. This will happen if it is not stored in a sealed container. It doesn’t prove to be much harm since it will not interfere with the vaping experience. But if a lot of oxidation happens, the color might change to a great extent.

If there is a slight change in the color of e-liquid, it is not a serious matter since it is a normal reaction. But if the color has become too dark as compared to the time when you bought it, you should refrain from vaping that e-liquid. Vaping the expired e-liquid can pose significant health risks.

Changed thickness

The thickness of the e-juice usually depends on the ingredients used for preparing it. If the base is made of PG, it will have a liquefied touch while that of VG will have a thick texture. People who perform vape tricks mostly opt for the VG base. However, with time, there might be a build up residue at the bottom of your bottle. As a result, you should shake the bottle thoroughly before using it. The ingredients usually get mixed after a shake. However, if it doesn’t mix well, it indicates that the e-liquid has been expired. Thus, you should refrain from using it.

Color and texture of the e-liquid can play an important role in determining whether it is nice or not. You should check it properly before using it.