I am not only an artist but am a thoughtful artist!

My Career’s Artistic Beginning

The artistic root sprouted from the developing intellect in the playschool itself when my small hands were more playful with colors and pencil.

My playschool teachers had recognized this passion or interest in me, according to my parents who actually were a bit disappointed thinking that art has no bright career ahead until practiced ahead. However, unknown about all this, the little hands managed to come up with some great drawings on paper and canvas. This was perhaps a natural gift!

Initial Works and Major Milestones

These achievements are not only motivators for me but also educators, as they taught me in deep about how to progress further.

The first breakthrough was based on the Centurions out of which a few pretty faces made by me managed to grab a place in the publication of Mike Butcher. Even more revolutionary break was Garth Ennis, a valued partnership that resulted in For a Few Troubles More and SECTION 8 showcasing a misfit crew of superheroes such as Sixpack, Friendly Fire, and Bueno Excellente.

Still Learning

Currently, I am into teaching and helping charitable institutions also for spotlighting prevailing issues in a comical way, such as homelessness, children’s rights, and proper foot care.

Recent projects encompass presenting illustrations regarding the latest ongoing Mars attacks. Some of the latest releases include Progenitor, a new iPad series launched by David Lloyd, series of Dicks from Avatar Press, and BBC Bitesize comic strips for Vertigo Comics anthology. John is the lead comic art facilitator for Hi8us, which is a fellow company of Maverick Television. These days, John is also teaching in schools and colleges and works with local authorities and charitable institutions.